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Enterprise-wide remote installations, updates and executions.

Deployment Software


RemoteExec is an agentless software solution that allows you to remotely deploy applications, perform executions, update Windows systems and interact with remote systems.

You are instantaneously informed of the results and you can schedule all actions at the most convenient moment: after business hours, on weekends, or during holidays. RemoteExec also allows you to perform silent installations, and automatically reboot systems if necessary.

With RemoteExec you can: Easily deploy MSI packages, Service Packs, patches, hotfixes. Remotely execute programs, scripts, and associated files. Modify the registry, change LocalAdmin passwords, disable local accounts, copy/update/delete files and folders. Remotely power off, wake up, reboot servers and workstations, lock or close user sessions.

IS Decisions


AdminStudio provides enterprise IT teams with the most advanced application packaging tools to efficiently prepare reliable application packages for software deployment with a complete set of automated MSI packaging, customization, testing and reporting capabilities. Proven in benchmark tests to decrease application preparation time by up to 70%, AdminStudio streamlines the Application Readiness process and seamlessly hands off packages to leading software deployment tools.


Altiris Software Delivery Solution

Altiris Software Delivery Solution software provides secure, bandwidth-sensitive distribution of applications and updates throughout your organization. The solution supports the distribution of software via LAN or WAN to desktops and notebooks from a central console, offering features such as multicasting, Wake on LAN, and other advanced software delivery capabilities.

By implementing desktop standardization policies and best practices, Software Delivery Solution can help standardize your operating systems and applications, decreasing conflicts and minimizing exposure to security and virus threats, which in turn reduces issues to your organization’s help desk.The solution also builds on .MSI and Windows Installer technology to provide you with robust application rollback and self-healing capabilities. For example, if a conflict is discovered, such as a file change without proper registration with Windows Installer (via a transform or upgrade), the file is rolled back or repaired, restoring the application to its original state. In addition, the Software Portal provides a secure method for handling “one offs” software needs. Simply publish optional software that users can download without involving the help desk.

Software Delivery Solution supports a variety of clients, including well-connected (on the LAN or WAN), or only occasionally connected (dial-up). Support for dynamic bandwidth throttling and checkpoint recovery allows you to “drizzle” packages to remote and mobile users.These features enable you to manage all of your clients from one solution, so fewer tools and less training are required, and support costs are minimized.


InstallShield is a powerful and easy-to-use installation development solution for creating Windows installations. With automated tools to productize, bundle and install your products in both traditional MSI and virtual formats, InstallShield makes it easy for your customers to deploy and manage your applications when, where and how they are needed while providing a contemporary installation experience. To learn more about the #1 Windows installer solution, visit


LicenseWatch is a leading solutions in the Asset Management (ITAM) industry, to secure legal software/hardware compliance at any level within your organization. LicenseWatch collects data from any Windows-based workstations and integrates it with existing technology. LicenseWatch controls time consuming tasks.

Use LicenseWatch to:

  • Control software licenses and minimizing any elements of legal risk.
  • Manage IT assets from a single local point.
  • Maximize the use of the organizations' existing IT network and infrastructure.
  • Compliant with ITIL and Best Practice' for Software Asset Management implementations and IT Asset Management.

ManageEngine ADManager Plus

ManageEngine ADManager Plus is a web-based Active Directory Management and Reporting software that helps in minimizing the AD Administrator's workload.

The solution helps to create and manage multiple users, computers, groups and contacts in the Active Directory. It also features a comprehensive bundle of reports, many of which are key ingredients of hassle-free compliance audits. The application's intuitive User Interface, facilitates easy delegation of tasks to Helpdesk associates and front line officials. The provision to identify stale accounts, helps to keep security vulnerabilities at bay.

With ADManager Plus you can,

  • Create AD Objects in Bulk
  • Modify AD Objects in Bulk
  • Generate 100+ Reports
  • Schedule Report Generation
  • Delegate roles to Helpdesk
  • Clean Up Active Directory
  • Streamline Compliance

ManageEngine Desktop Central

Desktop Central is a web-based windows desktop management software that helps in managing 1000s of desktops from a central location. It automates the complete desktop management life cycle ranging from a simple configuration to complex software deployment.

With its network-neutral architecture, the administrator can easily manage any windows networks like Active Directory, Workgroup, or other directory services.

With Desktop Central, you can:

  • Deploy software to users and computers
  • Automate patch deployments to computers in the network and keep them up-to-date with patches
  • Inventory software and hardware details of the network computers
  • Manage software license to ensure compliance and detect unauthorized software usage
  • Access remote computers to view/troubleshoot
  • Apply security restrictions to users and computers
  • Configure windows desktop and applications
  • Get detailed reports on infrastructure components for analysis/auditing

System Center Configuration Manager

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, is a software product for managing groups of Windows-based servers and workstations. The Configuration Manager provides remote control, software patch management, software distribution, OS deployment, hardware/software inventory and more.

Sites can be defined as one or more Active Directory sites.The Advanced Client communicates with a scalable management infrastructure, the so called Management Point. This Management Point can manage up to 25,000 Advanced Clients.

The Advanced Client provides a solution to the problem that a managed laptop might connect to a corporate network from multiple different locations. When an Advanced Client is used on another location (so called 'SMS Site'), it uses a local distribution point to download or run a program which can conserve bandwidth across a WAN.


Total Network Inventory

Inventory machines on a corporate network as if you were sitting in front of them!

Total Network Inventory is a PC audit and Network inventory software for office and large scale enterprise networks. Total Network Inventory interrogates all computers on a network and reports back with complete information about OS, service packs, hotfixes, hardware, software, running processes, etc. on remote machines. This information is added to the centralized database and network administrators are able to generate reports about each or all PCs on a network. The program is agent-free and requires no software installed on remote machines.