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Axence nVision Pro - Professional Network Monitoring

Axence nVision Pro

Axence netTools - Tool for every Administrator

Free and comprehensive set of host monitoring, network scanning, security and administration tools, all with a highly intuitive user interface and just perfect for quick network diagnostics.

Free of charge

Axence netTools is completely free of charge, both for home and commercial use - all you have to do is to register.


Everything that network administrators require in their daily work, collected in one useful software package. A tool for professionals - and others.

10 useful tools

Including: network scanner, list of inbound and outbound connections for the machine, port scanner.

Rapid network diagnostics

Axence netTools is a world-class tool for network scanning, monitoring and administration.


  • multiple host availability and response time monitoring
  • notifications (via e-mail, message, sound) on host availability issues
  • current and historical charts for response times and percentage of lost packets
  • data export to XML, HTML, TXT
  • monitoring of TCP/IP services - monitoring the response time and lost packets percentage for the following services: HTTP, POP3, SMTP, FTP and 50 others
  • monitoring of any TCP port
  • DNS-based host identification; automatic address checking every 10 minutes
  • host export/import
  • support for TLS/SSL protocols in alert e-mails

Network, port and service scanner

  • discovering the machines connected to the given network
  • identification of services running on discovered devices
  • operating verification of HTTP, POP3, MS SQL, Oracle and 50 other services
  • detecting open ports at the determined address


  • view of launched processes and
  • remote register editor and Windows event log view
  • HDD, RAM and CPU details
  • custom queries based on WMI protocol

TCP/IP Workshop and SNMP browser

  • diagnostics of TCP and UDP services with low-tier connection
  • diagnosing non-standard protocols
  • effective view of information available via SNMP
  • MIB file compiler


  • geographic host map
  • information on subsequent hosts along the packets route, response time and lost packets
  • information on the geographical location (country) of a remote IP address
  • detection of suspicious connections, e.g. to Russia or China

Miscellaneous tools:

  • NetStat - list of inbound and outbound connections and open ports
  • Local info - tables with local configuration details: TCP/UDP stats
  • Lookup - DNS and WHOIS records
  • Bandwidth - network bandwidth test
  • NetCheck - LAN hardware and wiring quality check