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Microsoft Resource Kits - IIS 6.0 Resource Kit

TinyGet - IIS 6.0 Resource Kit Utility on

The IIS 6.0 Resource Kit Tools helps you administer, secure, and manage IIS (Internet Information Server). Use the resource kit to query log files, deploy SSL certificates, employ custom site authentication, verify permissions, troubleshoot problems, migrate your server, run stress tests, and more.

TinyGet - Command-line HTTP client that supports multiple threads and looping

TinyGet version 5.2 is a command-line HTTP client that supports multiple threads and looping. It provides detailed output and response validation, so you can use it to test or troubleshoot HTTP client-to-server communication. With TinyGet, you can customize each test request by configuring many different factors, including the authentication method, HTTP version, and output format. You can also use scripts that specify looping and multithreading. For example, when you create a new site, you can create an HTTP request that requests Active Server Pages (ASP), and use a script to run the request repeatedly, preparing the server for live-site traffic.

You can use TinyGet as a simple stress tool to test the performance of your site under different loads. In addition, you can use TinyGet to test new elements of any Web site, such as new wireless protocols or dynamic content. And because TinyGet provides only HTTP connection information, it provides a faster way to analyze and troubleshoot HTTP performance than running a NetMon trace.


TinyGet version 5.2 uses the following syntax:
TinyGet [Optional Parameters] ServerName URI 

Mandatory Parameters
You must include the following mandatory parameters in a TinyGet request. 
-srv:ServerName | ServerName 
Specifies the name of the server to which to connect. If you use the -srv parameter, you can place it anywhere 
in the command-line statement. If you type just the ServerName, it must appear after any optional parameters and before the URI. 
-uri:URI | URI 
Specifies the URI (path) to get. If you use the -uri parameter, you can place it anywhere in the command-line 
statement. If you type just the URI, it must appear at the end of the command-line statement.

System Requirements

TinyGet runs on the Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 and Windows XP Professional operating systems.